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Self-proclaimed "Gaming Comedian", Lauren currently has over

6 Million subscribers who have laughed either with or at her over

2.8 Billion times on her LaurenZside YouTube channel. Lauren's comedic gameplay commentary focuses on improv, storytelling, weirdness & being awful at playing video games. Her most popular series feature The Sims, horror games, app games & reaction videos. Her reach has since expanded into TikTok, Instagram & Twitter as well. Lauren currently resides near NYC with her husband Bobby, daughter Melody and their dog Dexter.

Soon after graduating college with a degree in Communications focused in TV Production, Lauren recovered her old YouTube username LaurenZside and dove into the world of gaming commentary. What began as a fun hobby slowly turned into a side hustle & then unexpectedly into her full-time job. It has grown so much in fact that it has also allowed her husband Bobby to leave his full-time job to join her in building a business from the ground up around the LaurenZside channel.

Lauren's passion for everything geek & gaming continues to inspire her projects & brand. She and her family are so grateful for the support of her viewers for helping to give them the ability to do what they love for a living. Her main goal is to re-pay her fanbase with humor and entertainment.

This website is a main hub for all things LaurenZside including updates, live social media feeds, merch, blog posts, & more! Enjoy exploring.

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